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WiseConn: Revolutionizing Farm Irrigation with Wireless Control

At WiseConn, we pioneer innovative solutions in farm irrigation with our cutting-edge Wireless Irrigation Control System. Our technology integrates advanced sensors and actuators with a robust wireless network, enabling farmers to remotely monitor and manage their irrigation systems with unprecedented precision and convenience.

Our Wireless Irrigation Control System empowers farmers to optimize water usage and crop health by providing real-time data on soil moisture, weather conditions, and water flow rates. Through our intuitive WiseConn platform, farmers can customize irrigation schedules based on crop requirements and environmental factors, ensuring optimal resource allocation and maximizing yield.

Wireless Irrigation Controller

Discover the future of agriculture with WiseConn's state-of-the-art Wireless Irrigation Controller. Our controller leverages wireless connectivity to offer farmers unparalleled flexibility and control over their irrigation operations. Our controller delivers accurate and responsive irrigation management tailored to specific crop needs by seamlessly integrating with irrigation valves and sensors.

With the WiseConn Wireless Irrigation Controller, farmers can remotely adjust irrigation settings, receive instant alerts on system performance, and access comprehensive data analytics for informed decision-making. Experience the convenience of wireless irrigation management that enhances efficiency and sustainability in agriculture.

Wireless Irrigation Controller for Farmers

WiseConn's Wireless Irrigation Controller for Farmers is designed to address the unique challenges faced by modern agriculture. Our controller streamlines irrigation processes by harnessing wireless technology, allowing farmers to optimize water usage and crop productivity.

Our controller offers seamless integration with existing irrigation infrastructure, making it easy for farmers to upgrade to a smart irrigation system. With features like customizable scheduling and remote access via the WiseConn platform, our solution empowers farmers to make data-driven irrigation decisions that drive agricultural success.

Wireless Irrigation System

Transform your farming operations with WiseConn's advanced Wireless Irrigation System. Our system redefines traditional irrigation practices by enabling wireless communication between field devices and a centralized control platform.

The WiseConn Wireless Irrigation System delivers unparalleled efficiency and reliability, allowing farmers to monitor and manage irrigation activities from anywhere remotely. Our system ensures sustainable water management and healthy crop growth by optimizing water distribution based on real-time data and user-defined parameters.

Experience Innovation with WiseConn

Embrace the future of agriculture with WiseConn's comprehensive suite of wireless irrigation solutions. Contact us today to learn how our Wireless Irrigation Control System, Wireless Irrigation Controller, and Wireless Irrigation System can elevate your farming practices and maximize your yields. Optimize water usage, enhance crop health, and unlock new levels of efficiency with WiseConn.



Field Monitoring and Control Node

The RF-X1 unit can operate, monitor, and manage multiple modules in the field such as pump stations, fertigation, valve control, and field monitoring. Its 5 expansion ports can manage multiple combinations of inputs and outputs. The mesh network technology links the nodes in the field with each other and one can be a Gateway unit to the Cloud.


  • Wireless mesh network.
  • Collaborative wireless networks with 2 miles line-of-sight.
  • 4G / LTE cellular connection to the cloud for synchronization.
  • Solar-powered with low-power consumption
  • Wide variety of sensors and compatible accessories.
  • Patented irrigation management process.


  • Multiple inputs and/or outputs. 5 Expansion ports.
  • RF mesh networks + Cellular communication.
  • IP65 Enclosed Outdoor Protection.
  • Self-powered w/solar panel + battery.
  • Cloud-based scheduling, local control.
  • Cloud software upgrades, internet configurations, and support.
  • Compatible with other WiseConn RF units.


  • Remote valve & pump control and monitoring.
  • Field sensor monitoring.
  • Fertigation control.
  • PID control.