Smart Irrigation Controller System Fresno California

Affordable Automated Irrigation Controller Solutions

At WiseConn, we pioneer innovative automated irrigation control systems solutions, offering state-of-the-art technology to revolutionize how farmers manage water resources and optimize crop health. Our automated drip irrigation controllers provide precise water flow management, ensuring crops receive the ideal amount of water at the right time, thus conserving resources and maximizing yield.

By choosing WiseConn's automated irrigation controllers, farmers can significantly enhance farming efficiency and sustainability. Our technology-driven solutions enable precise water management, reduce operational costs, and promote healthier crop growth. Experience the future of agriculture with WiseConn's advanced irrigation control systems.

Automatic Water Pump Controller

Our automated water pump controllers seamlessly integrate with irrigation systems, allowing for precise control over water distribution. Farmers can optimize water usage based on crop needs and environmental conditions by automating the pumping process. Our controllers facilitate efficient water delivery to different zones within fields, ensuring uniform irrigation across the entire area.

The WiseConn irrigation control system is designed for simplicity and effectiveness. It incorporates advanced technology to enable remote monitoring and control of irrigation operations. Farmers can customize irrigation schedules based on specific crop requirements and real-time weather data, ensuring optimal water management throughout the growing season.

Irrigation Sprinkler Controller

Our irrigation sprinkler controllers are engineered for reliability and precision. They enable automated control over sprinkler systems, allowing farmers to adjust watering patterns and durations remotely. This flexibility ensures crops receive adequate moisture for healthy growth while minimizing water wastage.

WiseConn's irrigation valve controllers provide accurate and responsive control over water flow within irrigation networks. These controllers can be programmed to open and close valves automatically based on predefined schedules or sensor inputs, optimizing water distribution and reducing manual intervention.

Smart Irrigation Controller

Our smart irrigation controllers leverage cutting-edge technology to automate irrigation processes intelligently. They utilize data from sensors, weather forecasts, and crop models to optimize water usage dynamically. By adapting irrigation schedules based on real-time conditions, these controllers enhance crop health and minimize water wastage.

Our remote irrigation controllers allow farmers to manage irrigation activities from anywhere using a smartphone or computer. This remote accessibility empowers farmers to make real-time adjustments to irrigation settings, responding promptly to changing weather conditions or crop demands. By remotely controlling irrigation systems, farmers can achieve higher efficiency and productivity.

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Invest in WiseConn's innovative irrigation control systems and unlock the full potential of your farm. Optimize water usage, maximize yield, and cultivate a more sustainable future with our cutting-edge technology. WiseConn—empowering farmers, enriching crops, and conserving resources for generations to come.



Field Monitoring and Control Node

The RF-X1 unit can operate, monitor, and manage multiple modules in the field such as pump stations, fertigation, valve control, and field monitoring. Its 5 expansion ports can manage multiple combinations of inputs and outputs. The mesh network technology links the nodes in the field with each other and one can be a Gateway unit to the Cloud.


  • Wireless mesh network.
  • Collaborative wireless networks with 2 miles line-of-sight.
  • 4G / LTE cellular connection to the cloud for synchronization.
  • Solar-powered with low-power consumption
  • Wide variety of sensors and compatible accessories.
  • Patented irrigation management process.


  • Multiple inputs and/or outputs. 5 Expansion ports.
  • RF mesh networks + Cellular communication.
  • IP65 Enclosed Outdoor Protection.
  • Self-powered w/solar panel + battery.
  • Cloud-based scheduling, local control.
  • Cloud software upgrades, internet configurations, and support.
  • Compatible with other WiseConn RF units.


  • Remote valve & pump control and monitoring.
  • Field sensor monitoring.
  • Fertigation control.
  • PID control.