Automated Drip Irrigation System Fresno CA

Efficient Water Management: Auto Irrigation Solutions

At WiseConn, we are at the forefront of agricultural technology, offering cutting-edge solutions in auto irrigation systems, particularly specializing in automated drip irrigation. Our innovative approach to automation in drip irrigation is transforming how farmers manage water resources and optimize crop health.

Our Auto Irrigation System represents the pinnacle of irrigation technology, providing farmers with precise control over water delivery to their crops. Through our automated drip irrigation system, water is distributed directly to the root zones of plants, minimizing water wastage and ensuring optimal absorption by the plants. This automation saves valuable water resources and enhances crop yield and quality.

Automated Drip Irrigation System

The heart of our technology lies in our automated drip irrigation system. Farmers can schedule water delivery based on specific crop requirements and environmental factors by automating the irrigation process. Our system eliminates the need for manual intervention, offering convenience and efficiency to farmers while enhancing overall productivity.

WiseConn's expertise in automation within drip irrigation systems empowers farmers to achieve unparalleled precision in water management. With automated scheduling and real-time monitoring, our technology adapts to changing weather conditions and crop demands, ensuring that each plant receives the optimal amount of water at the right time.

Irrigation Systems for Farms

WiseConn offers tailored irrigation systems specifically designed for farms of all sizes. Whether you operate a small-scale family farm or a large commercial plantation, our irrigation solutions can be customized to meet your unique needs. Our systems are scalable, adaptable, and engineered to maximize efficiency across diverse agricultural settings.

Irrigation Systems Installers

Partnering with experienced irrigation systems installers is crucial for the successful deployment of advanced irrigation technology. At WiseConn, we collaborate with a network of certified installers who are trained to install and support our cutting-edge hardware. Our installation partners ensure seamless integration and reliable performance of our irrigation systems.

Empowering Farmers with Intelligent Solutions

At WiseConn, we believe in empowering farmers through intelligent irrigation solutions. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability drives us to continually enhance our products and services. With remote access via the WiseConn platform, farmers can monitor and control their irrigation systems from anywhere, enabling proactive adjustments to optimize water usage and crop health.

Discover the future of farm irrigation with WiseConn. Our advanced auto irrigation systems and automated drip irrigation technology are revolutionizing agricultural practices, one field at a time. Join us in embracing efficiency, sustainability, and productivity in modern farming. Contact us today to learn how WiseConn can transform your irrigation management system.



Field Monitoring and Control Node

The RF-X1 unit can operate, monitor, and manage multiple modules in the field such as pump stations, fertigation, valve control, and field monitoring. Its 5 expansion ports can manage multiple combinations of inputs and outputs. The mesh network technology links the nodes in the field with each other and one can be a Gateway unit to the Cloud.


  • Wireless mesh network.
  • Collaborative wireless networks with 2 miles line-of-sight.
  • 4G / LTE cellular connection to the cloud for synchronization.
  • Solar-powered with low-power consumption
  • Wide variety of sensors and compatible accessories.
  • Patented irrigation management process.


  • Multiple inputs and/or outputs. 5 Expansion ports.
  • RF mesh networks + Cellular communication.
  • IP65 Enclosed Outdoor Protection.
  • Self-powered w/solar panel + battery.
  • Cloud-based scheduling, local control.
  • Cloud software upgrades, internet configurations, and support.
  • Compatible with other WiseConn RF units.


  • Remote valve & pump control and monitoring.
  • Field sensor monitoring.
  • Fertigation control.
  • PID control.