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Advanced Irrigation Management Solutions

Welcome to WiseConn, where we specialize in cutting-edge irrigation management software designed to optimize crop health and water usage efficiency. Our innovative approach to irrigation ensures that farmers have precise control over water flow, enabling them to deliver the ideal amount of water at the right time for maximum yield and conservation of resources.

Our Irrigation Management Software

At WiseConn, we offer the most complete irrigation management software that revolutionizes how farmers interact with their irrigation systems. Our software provides:

● Customizable Scheduling: Tailor irrigation schedules to specific crop requirements and changing weather conditions.

● Remote Access: Control irrigation settings from anywhere via the intuitive WiseConn platform, allowing for real-time adjustments and monitoring.

● Data Analysis: Gain insights into irrigation patterns and optimize water usage based on accurate data collected from the field.

● Customizable Dashboards and Reports: Make your own analysis and develops the report needed for you and your team to make informed decisions.

Our software is the backbone of our irrigation management system, empowering farmers with the tools they need to enhance crop yields while conserving water resources.

Key Features of Our Solutions

Why Choose WiseConn?

  • Optimized Efficiency: Our systems maximize irrigation efficiency, leading to healthier crops and increased yields.
  • Resource Conservation: We prioritize water conservation by delivering precise amounts of water tailored to crop needs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Our intuitive software interface makes managing irrigation systems straightforward and accessible.
  • Expert Support: From installation to ongoing maintenance, our team is committed to supporting farmers every step of the way.
  • Reliable System: With more than 18 years of experience, WiseConn has global presence providing solutions to farmers across the globe.

Get Started with WiseConn

Ready to transform your irrigation practices? Contact WiseConn today to learn more about our irrigation monitoring and control solutions. Whether you're a small-scale farmer or manage extensive agricultural operations, our customizable systems can elevate your irrigation system to new heights.

Discover the future of irrigation management with WiseConn—where technology meets agriculture for sustainable growth and optimal crop production.

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Field Monitoring and Control Node

The RF-X1 unit can operate, monitor, and manage multiple modules in the field such as pump stations, fertigation, valve control, and field monitoring. Its 5 expansion ports can manage multiple combinations of inputs and outputs. The mesh network technology links the nodes in the field with each other and one can be a Gateway unit to the Cloud.


  • Wireless mesh network.
  • Collaborative wireless networks with 2 miles line-of-sight.
  • 4G / LTE cellular connection to the cloud for synchronization.
  • Solar-powered with low-power consumption
  • Wide variety of sensors and compatible accessories.
  • Patented irrigation management process.


  • Multiple inputs and/or outputs. 5 Expansion ports.
  • RF mesh networks + Cellular communication.
  • IP65 Enclosed Outdoor Protection.
  • Self-powered w/solar panel + battery.
  • Cloud-based scheduling, local control.
  • Cloud software upgrades, internet configurations, and support.
  • Compatible with other WiseConn RF units.


  • Remote valve & pump control and monitoring.
  • Field sensor monitoring.
  • Fertigation control.
  • PID control.