Vann Family Orchards

Vann Family Orchards is a family owned and operated farming operation located in Northern, CA and currently farms +/- 15,000 acres. The current project is on 388 acres in Winters, CA.

We were not irrigating efficiently and it was creating a lot of operational problems in the field.
Cameron Boomgaarden - Vann Family Orchards

To combat these issues, Vann Family Orchards decided to implement telemetry and automation for analyzing:

· Irrigation flow and pressure

· Satellite imagery to monitor tree vigor

· Energy monitors to track energy savings with automation

After Implementation:

· 20 valves automated - ability to run 4 sets

· Valve sets run sequentially to maintain optimal pressure

· Ability to irrigate specific to crop variety and soil type

To efficiently harvest the amount of acreage we have we needed to cut the amount of ponding and runoffs we had in the field. Pulse irrigating really helped us reduce those factors and, in terms of operations, boosted our efficiency for harvest season.