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Donny Hicks
June 10, 2024
Alfredo Reyes
June 11, 2024
Donny Hicks
June 10, 2024
Alfredo Reyes
June 11, 2024

Alfredo Reyes

Limoneira Farms

Limoneira is a large lemon and avocado farming operation consisting of 6 ranches covering 5,000+ acres throughout the Southern California region. Limoneira Farm Leadman of 10 years, Alfredo Reyes, has been utilizing DropControl for these ranches over the last 3 years, and has seen a drastic saving of water, increase in yield, and improvement of fruit size and plant vigor. 

  • Lemon and Avocado

  • 5,000+ acres

  • Telemetry and automation

    Project Details:

    • 1,000 acre lemon and avocado ranch near Ventura, CA
    • Controlling 13 different blocks
    • API Integration with recommendations
    With automation and soil moisture sensors working together, we are able to see when the water reaches the root zone. That is where we’ve seen a difference and have reduced water use.

    Alfredo Reyes

    Project Goals:

    • Schedule remotely ahead of time and overnight
    • Track water usage
    • Reduce set time
    • Track soil moisture levels and trends at various depths
    • Overall uniformity of the plants and yield size increase
    • Save on labor costs


    • 30% water savings
    • Reduced 24-hour set times to 6-hours per week
    • Increase in fruit yield and size Faster
    • fruit growth
    • Savings on labor due to the capability to schedule actions remotely

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      Alfredo Reyes
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